MIT Scratch Day 2015

When I was 8, I was learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, trying to master the cartwheel, and learning how to chew with my mouth closed. Fast forward to 2015, and THESE 8 year olds (ok, maybe some of them are 9 or 10) are CODING and PROGRAMING. Like for real!! 

The Scratch program created by the geniuses at MIT, is a program that allows  you to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. What does that even mean you ask? GREAT question, and you can find all of your answers HERE.

This year I was honored to be the photographer at Scratch Day at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge. Scratch Day is a global network of events that celebrates SCRATCH and the young people who code and create with it. During Scratch Day, kids and adults gather to share projects and learn from one another.

I won't pretend to explain what is going on in the photos below! All I know is that these children are making incredible things using computers, carrots, play dough, and legos. No. Big. Deal.