Who Am I?

One of my favorite things to do is watch people. I love to watch them interact and react to each other and their surroundings. I look for the unique ways people interact during those brief moments when no one else is looking. Those are by far the best moments to capture on film. Reactions to a sweet smirk. A whispered inside joke. A stolen glance between parents after your child does something completely inappropriate.

I find the mundane, everyday moments in life to be the most memorable so I am a big believer in photographing you and your family in and around your home.  These are the moments that will prove to be most memorable. Five, ten, twenty years from now, when everyone is grown and your days are quiet and free from chaos, these will be the days you look back on with great joy.  I love it when you print your images, display them on your walls, and make albums to show to your friends and family. This is my goal as your photographer, to bring all that beauty you didn't even know was there, to life. 

Probably the best way to get a feel for who I am, and what my photography style might be, is to list the things I love:

  • I obsess over all things Anthropologie.
  • I firmly believe JP Licks is not an option. It’s a way of life!
  • Friends and pizza beach days all summer long in Marblehead!
  • Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.
  • I laugh. A lot.
  • I laugh at myself. A lot!
Photo Credit:  Channing Johnson

Photo Credit:  Channing Johnson